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Oak Hill Gallery Mornington

Exhibiting in April


Kristine McDonough
April 2024

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Sam Lomas
April 2024


Sheila Newman

5th February 1964 - 4th June 2023


Sam grew up in Jordans, a small village in Buckinghamshire, England. It was an extraordinary village that actively encouraged creativity and interest in the arts. Although Sam was born and died in Jordans, he had also lived in Australia, Cyprus and Athens.


Sam’s extraordinary talent as an artist was evident from a young age and he went on to develop a unique style without the benefit of a fine art training. It wasn’t until he was in his thirties, married with two young children, that Sam decided to go to college, where he studied Design and Advertising, imbuing his work with his sharp, life-on-the-edge sense of humour. In 2011, Sam decided to devote his time to his art, building a studio in the garden of our home, Long Redding, in 2013.


Sam was a great observer, absorbing information, colour, line, form, style from any and every source. He would sit for hours, seemingly lost in contemplation of the view, watching documentaries, listening to music, making notes, surfing the ‘net. All of this showed up in his paintings, as he learnt his craft from such greats as Schiele, Klimt, Picasso, Mondrian and Kandinsky as well as from African art and his memories of scuba-diving in the Solomon Islands. Every visit to a gallery all over the world, every holiday he took, resulted in a development in his painting.


Sam did not have access to life models, working instead from the extraordinary poses struck by ‘glamour models’ and pornography. Sam believed that art should challenge ‘received’ thinking and provoke debate.


Sam battled with his mental health throughout his life and this was reflected in his art. What you see here is only a small part of his work as he gave so much of it away to his friends over the years, as we did after he died, keeping for ourselves some of those that were most meaningful for us, his wife and sons.


Louise, Freddie and Joe

Artist Statement

Sheila Newman

Although I've painted since youth, I've explored various phases.

After years in electronic art and scientific book editing, it took time to refine my oil-painting skills. Most works in this exhibition are from 2019 onwards.

Improving my technical skills is crucial to capturing my visions and interpreting the world. Paintings, especially landscapes, offer unique perspectives, serving as windows into the artist's mind.

My favourite scenes combine visual and emotional impact, often plein air landscapes. Landscape painting is akin to an extreme sport, requiring intense focus amid changing conditions.

Recent portraits stem from the McLelland Artists' Guild, while plein air works depict locales from NSW to Victoria.

Artist Statement

As an abstract artist, I express emotions and experiences through color, form, and texture, delving into the depths of human emotions and life complexities. I believe art connects profoundly with viewers, provoking imagination and inviting exploration. Each deliberate brushstroke ignites meaning, balancing intuition and intention for dynamic compositions. Working with acrylics, oils, and mixed media allows me to explore textures and techniques, creating vibrant dialogues on the canvas. Ultimately, my goal is to foster a personal connection, evoking emotions and inspiring introspection through boundless artistic possibilities.

Kristine McDonough

Extended Micro Residency with Woodards.jpg

Come and check out the FREE Micro Residency Program at OAK HILL GALLERY!

Artists are offered a free week-long hire of Gallery Three at Oak Hill to exhibit their works and work/create on site, chatting and meeting collectors and other artists. 

The program has been sponsored by Woodards (Peninsula) Real Estate who are proud supporters of the Arts

(and Oak Hill Gallery).

A huge Thank you to our sponsor, WOODARDS for this opportunity.


By day, Natalie is a performing arts educator, performer and creative; by night, a potter and ceramic artist. Having learned her craft through courses at Ceramiques (Elsternwick), Bisque (Northcote) and binge-watching episodes of ‘The Great Pottery Throwdown’, the beauty and mindfulness of the art of wheel thrown ceramics took hold of Natalie very quickly.

Natalie set up a small home studio in February 2022, and has been fortunate to connect with many excellent fellow potters within Melbourne’s wonderful ceramics community, and continues to learn, develop and experiment with form, colour and function.

Natalie is so honoured to be working as an Artist-in-residence at Oak Hill Gallery, and she looks forward to using her time at the gallery to expand her form repertoire to create larger functional pieces, as well as connecting with other artists and art appreciators in the community.

Commissions are very welcome - simply email and you can follow Natalie’s clayventures on Instagram @nataliecaliaceramics and TikTok @ncceramics

Natalie will be at Oak Hill Gallery every Tuesday, and on weekends (when possible), as well as extra days during school holidays.

You can also purchases pieces at the Oak Hill Gallery gift shop or visit

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